Vision & Mission

The vision of Bachelor of Public Administration Programme

"It aims to become an outstanding study programme that produces graduates who are competent in the field of pu blic administration and are able to think critically and to solve problems on public issues, based on piety, independence, and intelligence."

The missions of Bachelor of Public Administration Programme

  1. ​​​​Organizing academic education in the field of State Administration with local, national, and international perspectives.
  2. Develop research capabilities for lecturers and students in order to develop science and technology in the field of State Administration.
  3. Carry out community service as a form of commitment to public problems
  4. Building an academic culture of character to encourage the sharpness of graduates' conscience.
  5. Strengthening the institutional system and building networks to support the function of the State Administration Science Study Program.

Bachelor of Public Administration Programme graduates are expected to

  1. Demonstrate professionalism, integrity, inclusiveness, and ethics of public administration that impact the state and society;
  2. Apply good governance in public sector organization;
  3. Implement ideas related to public administration to make an impact on the society;
  4. Analyse policies for public sector problem solving;
  5. implement social development that has an impact on community welfare.