Our Staff

Our Staff


Suranto Aw

Dr. (Cand) Lena Satlita, M.Si

Human Resource Management, Public Relation, Ethics in Public Administration

Dra. Fransisca Winarni, M.Si

Strategic Management, Leadership, Public Finance


Dr. (Cand) Argo Pambudi, M.Si

Bureaucratic Reform, Public Policy, Educational Policy, Digital Governance

Fatchul Arifin

Dwi Harsono, MPA., MA., PhD

Governance and Bureaucracy

marita ahdiyana

Dr. Marita Ahdiyana, M.Si

Public Organization and Institution, Poverty Issues


Yanuardi, M.Si (PhD Cand)

Environmental Governance, Sustainable Development, Public Policy, Political Economy

Wuri Handayani

Utami Dewi, MPP (PhD Cand)

Public Policy, Social Policy, Disability Issues

Pratiwi Wahyu

Kurnia Nur Fitriana, MPA

Public Services, Social Policy, Elderly Issues, Social Welfare

Chatia Hastasari

Pandhu Yuanjaya, MPA

Public Policy Analysis, Environmental Policy, Decentralization

Hardian Wahyu Widianto, MPA

Political Economy, Urban Development, Gender and Development

Titis Dewi Anggalini, MPA

Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Sociopreneur

Dr. (Cand) Nainta Agustanta, M.Ak

Public Sector Accounting, Corporate Governance, Capital Market

Lutfia Septiningrum, M.Stat

Social Modelling, SMEs, Tourism Sector