The preparation of the Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) Curriculum for the 2020 Public Administration Study Program is based on the evaluation and development of the 2019 curriculum and the policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture related to the right to carry out the learning process outside the study program. The curriculum development process begins with an evaluation of the ongoing curriculum and then a redesign of curriculum development that reflects on the KKNI, the National Higher Education Standards, the Industrial Revolution 4.0, the Freedom of Learning Policy and the Policy of the Indonesian State/Public Administration Science Association. The evaluation stage is carried out by conducting a good analysis of internal conditions including strengths, weaknesses, existing obstacles and future challenges. While the external analysis is carried out by involving stakeholders including alumni/graduates, users and policy makers. The evaluation provides information on the relationship between the curriculum and courses held with the demands of KKNI, SNI, the Industrial Revolution and the Association. The suitability of the aspects studied include profiles of graduates, learning outcomes, study materials/courses with the vision and mission of higher education institutions, faculties and study programs, current and future needs. The stages of curriculum development are carried out by taking into account the results of the evaluation and the principles in the independent learning policy. The development focuses on curriculum design that provides accommodation space for self-development as well as the development of science and technology that supports the learning outcomes of study program graduates. The process of compiling and developing the MBKM curriculum at the study program level refers to the university's policy as stated in the Rector's Regulation No. 7 of 2020 concerning Guidelines for Implementing the Independent Learning Curriculum-Independent Campus for the Applied Undergraduate and Undergraduate Program, Yogyakarta State University. The regulation stipulates that the schemes that students can choose from include 3 patterns, namely Patterns 512, 611, and 602. These patterns guarantee the right to study outside the study program.

Curicullum BoPA